Pole & Aerial Packages

Pole fitness and the aerial arts can sometimes have a bad name but i've made it my mission to play my part in changing the worlds opinion of these incredibly empowering sports.

With that, i've also made it my mission to make every single person who walks into one of my shoots feeling nervous and unsure, leave with a smile on their face and so much confidence in their abilities that they might even risk loving themselves that little bit more!


Speaking from experience, just booking your first pole class can be the first big hurdle (you'll never look back once you've tried).

The second hurdle seems to be when it comes to documenting your amazing progress with some professional photos. Even as a beginner, your body will be doing things you never though it was capable of and you can't fully show this off with their sweaty, pole face class photos...

Much like the rest of my shoots, we remain simple, relaxed and at your pace. I help in the run up to the shoot to prepare and maximise your time without completely exhausting yourself. Given my personal experience in pole fitness and aerial hoop, i know how long you're going to be ok holding a move for, the best angles for the wow shots and will tell you to point your toes and quit your pole face when needed! 

Along with photographing in the environment you learnt your skills, I REALLY LOVE to venture outdoors. I like to find quirky and unusual places you'd never usually find a pole dancer, couple this with your individual themes and dress ideas and literally just have fun!

Studio or Outdoor...

From £35

Sessions start from 30 minute time slots and can be on both a private or group basis or part of a larger multi shoot day

Your time slot is for you to be as creative as you like with your skills. If you wish to theme your photoshoot by dressing up or bringing props along please do share this with me so i can get just excited as you are! 

You will need to provide your own pole and/or aerial equipment

These shoots require a qualified and insured instructor to be present at all times to assist and spot each individual

(Exception can be made for flexi photoshoots where no equipment is required or sessions with experienced individuals taking responsibility for their own safety).

Outdoor sessions may incur additional charges to your photoshoot fee depending on the location and entry fees.

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