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The ceremony essential you WILL forget!

A seating plan, YOU NEED ONE! And I mean specific names on chairs, not just generic 'reserved' signs.

It's always overlooked, guaranteed to create a bit of fuss but it's very simple to do.

So let's set the scene...

Your ceremony is set up exactly as you've envisioned. Each chair perfectly placed into rows, flowers and candles lining the aisle and a silence that's calmly filled with anticipation.

Hare & Hounds Tetbury wedding ceremony set up

Your guests begin to arrive and it's a seating free for all. There's no indication of who's sitting where and a very eager Great Uncle Clive jumps at the chance of a second row view. Before you've even got your dress on, your Nan's been bumped to the back behind your 6" 3' second cousin.

In all seriousness, I have been quietly capturing ceremony rooms when family members have got into tense discussions over who THEY think should be sitting where and they've even moved belongings around to suit their preferences.

Milton End Barn wedding ceremony

This has a knock on effect when your bridesmaids reach the end of the aisle and, whilst you're preparing to take centre stage, there's a pile up of people working out where to sit themselves.

Slightly kills the magical moment don't you think?!

Ceremony seating plan name tag

By ordering/making these lovely little name tags you're guaranteeing that the most important people are sat closest to the front.

Any family dynamics or tensions amongst your guests are managed before anyone can put their two pence in.

Your ceremony entrance will run so much more smoothly and eliminate the threat of a traffic jam interrupting the flow.

And finally, it also ensures that the people you want to see in the background of your ceremony photos are exactly where you want them to be.

So get the god damn name tags made! (For the first 2-3 rows anyway)

The Frogmill bride & groom first kiss

I couldn't make such suggestions without providing an example. Below is just one way a typical seating plan might look based on 5 people per row.

Seating plan example

Of course, variations will apply based on your individual family but, and this is a BIG BUT, it's YOUR wedding day so any seating plans are entirely up to you.

If you'd to chat about all things wedding and ceremony essentials, please do get in touch through the contact form on my website, email me at or Whatsapp me on 07807756756

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