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5 tips for nailing your first kiss!

Updated: Mar 18

  1. Take your time

This one is just as much for your photographer as it is for you. Regardless of how speedy your photographers index finger is, it's easy to miss your first kiss if you don't take your time so a quick peck isn't going to cut it i'm afraid.

Three seconds with an extra couple of little kisses thrown in at the end is the perfect amount of time to guarantee that shot without you feeling like you're awkwardly forcing a pose.

Bride and groom wedding ceremony first kiss, The Frogmill

2. Stand central to the aisle

Your first kiss as a married couple is one of the most poignant moments throughout your wedding day. The slightest of steps off centre really can make a big difference to the impact of this shot but remembering to stand central to the aisle is likely to be at the bottom of your priorities on the big day.

If you're venue allows it, there's no harm in placing a small sticker on the floor to remind you where to stand.

Bride and groom wedding ceremony first kiss, The barn at Upcote

3. Get in close

It's your wedding day...standing a foot apart and leaning in with your arms dangling awkwardly at your sides is not the one. You've just vowed to spend the rest of your lives together, cosy up like you mean it!

Whether you end up holding hands or wrapped up in each others arms, make sure you're stood toe to toe in terms of the distance between you.

Bride and groom wedding ceremony first kiss, Eastington Park

4. No tongues!

It speaks for itself but just to be clear, no one wants to see that.

Your peck doesn't have to lack passion, you could even add a little drama to your first kiss with a dip, but sharing saliva needs to be saved for a less public display of affection.

Bride and groom wedding ceremony first kiss, Ridgeway Barns

5. Enjoy it

For you to have reached the point of saying 'I Do', chances are you've kissed each other before. Sharing more intimate moments in front of your friends can sometimes feel awkward or embarrassing but everyone knows how a wedding ceremony goes, it'd be more weird if you didn't kiss.

Relax...Enjoy it! Your nearest and dearest will all be there clapping and cheering behind you.

Bride and groom wedding ceremony first kiss

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