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Speak before you eat!

Updated: Mar 18

This ones often up for debate and different wedding suppliers will have varying opinions.

Traditionally wedding speeches have been held after the wedding breakfast and they aren't the first thing you'll consider when planning the schedule for your big day but they can have quite an impact. So, listed below are a handful of reasons why I strongly recommend that your speeches are best done before your food is served...

1. Selfishly, your photos will look so much better.

No one wants a picture of their bestie tearing up at the grooms heartfelt words leaning on a dirty table covered in spilt drinks, rogue cutlery and food scraps.

2. Nerves.

More often than not, standing up to speak in front of lots of people is a daunting prospect. Add to that, that lots of the faces staring back will be unfamiliar. I've known speakers to sit dreading their moment in the spotlight so much that they've been unable to stomach their meal so getting it all out of the way before the food arrives saves on waste too!

3. You'll maximise on the majorities attention span.

By the time dessert's arrived, children have fled, your aunties desperate for the loo again and the drinkers have decided that their stomachs are better filled with beers rather than brownies. Slightly hungrier guests at the beginning of your wedding breakfast is so much better than only half a room left at the end.

4. Delays.

Chances are, whichever way round you do them, your timings will go a little awol and your evening guests will be arriving before you've finished up. It's easier for your evening guests to join the party and wait at the bar during dessert than it is halfway through a speech.

If you'd like to convince me otherwise, ask a question or enquiry about your big day, please do get in touch through the contact form on my website, email me at or Whatsapp me on 07807756756

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