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"It's like raaaaain on your wedding day"

Alanis Morissette believed it to be ironic but this is the UK we're talking about.

With the average number of rainy days per year being at almost 50%, the chances are quite high that a drop or two may fall on your big day.

We aren't going to ignore the fact that waking up to puddles feels disappointing. However, it's not the end of the world and below are just a handful of reasons to try and convince you why rain on your wedding day isn't always such a bad thing...

Bride and Groom walking through the park
Bride and groom

  • Rain makes everything look more vibrant, brighter and alive!

  • Your guests are forced to gather together rather than spreading out across your venues grounds

  • There's always a break in the clouds for running out and getting some couples photos

Bride and Groom against cotswold stone barn wall

  • We get to explore alternative photo locations we wouldn't necessarily otherwise head to

  • Rain and the clouds add drama to your photos that the sun just can't match

  • Umbrella's make great props

Bride and groom under an umbrella

If all else fails, remember that rain on your wedding day is good luck...

Bride and groom at The Barn at Upcote

A wet knot is harder to untie!

Either way, it's better to be prepared for what you'll do if the heavens do open than to be caught short on the day.

  • Have a back up plan for your ceremony, drinks reception, group photos and couples shots (anything that you're planning to do outside)

  • Take a spare pair of shoes that you're less concerned about getting wet and dirty for your couples photos. The rain may have stopped but the ground wont be dry.

  • Consider your travel arrangements if your ceremony and reception are in different locations

  • Check if your venue already has a pretty umbrella, if not, buy one! Just in case!

Through rain or shine, i'd love to be there to share in your celebrations. Please do get in touch through the contact form on my website, email me at or Whatsapp me on 07807756756

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